Ages 11-16


5-week Performing Arts Summer Day Camp
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June 27th to July 29th, 2022
Monday through Friday 9am-3pm EST


El Bethel Church

25295 Grand River

Redford Charter Township, MI 48240

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The Keys 2 Life Summer Camp is an intensive virtual 5-week camp that serves as an expansion of The Yunion’s Keys 2 Life Mentoring through Music prevention and life skills after-school curriculum. Keys 2 Life, established in 2010, is a music-based program that teaches prevention of and abstention from negative experiences such as substance abuse, pre-marital sex, and teen pregnancy by targeting middle and high school-age students with a strong interest in the arts and music industry.

The 2022 K2L Summer camp will be a face-to-face experience that will take place in-person and CDC-compliant.


Due to Covid-19, gathering as a family looks different in the face of our new adversities but it is still as essential as it has always been to connect with people for support. Every camp day will begin with a “pick me up” session led by main instructors, program assistants, and life guides. We want to maintain a central focus and goal setting each day before we move forward in instruction. This short live session will include interactive engaging activities to get us all going. We will engage in life skills classes in small groups. The aim is to study lessons that will equip and empower youth to make healthy life choices that will enable them to confidently navigate through obstacles and challenges.

An In-Person Experience, CDC-Compliant

For local campers in the Detroit area, there is the option to participate in engaging, fun, and SAFE in-person. All CDC-COVID guidelines will be strictly followed as campers assemble. Exact Field-Trip information is still in the works and will be communicated as soon as it is available!

The K2L Summer Camp will focus on fun, creative tracks such as Beat Making, Song Writing, Dance, Theatre, and Instrumentation.  These track classes are presented by our instructors to teach techniques in the various performing arts fields. Live session feedback will be offered after the class session time with instructors, tech support, and program assistants to guarantee that each person is achieving the goal of every lesson. Closeout sessions will include open mic talent show time, acknowledgments and shout-outs, and announcements to keep us all on task. Programming will run 5 days a week, Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm EST for 5 consecutive weeks.

Keys2Life-boysmaking beats

The Keys 2 Life Summer Camp will provide participants with evidence-based prevention curriculum while encouraging, educating, and empowering youth through key principles in the arts. Returning students will participate in leadership development training and/or prevention and life skills curriculum. Students will be placed with a professionally trained instructor that will help nurture their talents and abilities in their specific area of interest. Those who commit to this program will be enriched socially, academically, psychologically, and of course artistically.


The Keys 2 Life Summer Camp is focused on the development of the whole child. The sessions take a multi-faceted approach to include music and artistic development as well as youth development.

  • Music Production

  • Beat Making

  • Recording

  • Purpose of Music

  • Acting

  • Dancing

  • Song Writing

  • Spoken Word Poetry

  • Mixing & Editing

  • Performing

  • Instrumentation

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Leadership Development

  • Prevention Skills

  • Life Skills Training

  • Evidence-Based Training

  • Artistic Development


Here are some benefits for children who attend the Keys2Life Summer Camp.


You know the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN, Here is the WHY.

  • Arts Influence

    Increased knowledge of music’s influence on ideas about self and on decision-making.

  • Risk Awareness

    Increased knowledge of risk factors associated with HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases, and substance abuse.

  • Self Growth

    Development of self-motivation, self-confidence, and positive decision making skills.

  • Industry Exposure

    Exposure to various aspects of the music industry and performing arts (writing, recording, production, instruments, performance, marketing, etc.).

  • Portfolio Development

    Development of portfolio and audition materials to support future endeavors in the arts.

11-16 yrs old

Due to the intensive instruction and fast paced learning environment of our camp, enrollment is geared towards students who are ages 11-16. Students must be entering into the fifth grade or higher in the Fall of 2022 and proof of age is required. Students will be required to demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow and are expected to be timely, professional, and adaptable to a fast-paced environment.

Only students with a strong interest in the performing arts should apply for this camp.

Enrollment is first come first serve so we encourage you to submit as early as possible.