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Position: DJing Lead Instructor

Staff Supervisor: Darell Campbell, camp director

Salary: $600/week

Scheduled Work Hours: During Camp (Mon-Fri. 8:30am-3:30pm).

*Excluding additional meetings, Tech Rehearsals and Performance; all to be paid separately, at a rate decided by Executive Director.

Objective: To provide mentorship, encouragement, and empowerment through professional instruction in the area of DJing (Disk Jockeying). Aid in the aim to improve youth self-esteem, self-regulatory skills, relationships and social behavior, increase confidence in creativity, and use DJing as a means for positive change in the community. The position contributes to The Yunion’s mission to engage the community and provide quality youth development programming for participants.

DJing Instructor ensures an atmosphere of professionalism, friendliness, good judgement and safety within the framework of Keys 2 Life Performing Arts Summer Camp and The Yunion guidelines.


  • Have at least 5-years of training and experience in professional DJing
  • Must have at least 1-year experience in education/training/coaching (traditional or non-traditional)
  • Must have prior experience working with elementary, middle and/or high school aged youth
  • Must have knowledge of all DJing techniques, terminology and equipment
  • Must have strong leadership skills with the ability to bring skill out of others
  • Must be a passionate, patient, flexible, and able to meet deadlines 


  • Create a Syllabus from which DJing principles and technique will be taught (including but not limited to; Rhythm, Counting Bars, Beat Matching, Recognizing Beat Patterns, Mixing, and Blending)
  • Instruct students based on created syllabus, accounting for camp schedule
  • Establish ways to productively use the assistance of the DJing Assistant; communicate needs and expectations to DJing Assistant
  • Act as a mentor to DJing Assistant as needed; encourage leadership
  • Prepare campers to DJ all music for the final production, and also to select music for the final production, as needed and assigned by Performance/Production Director.
  • Participate in Tech & Cast Meetings to develop ending production and gain knowledge of specific requirements of the DJing Track for ending production
  • Participate in staff meetings as called by Camp Leadership
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with campers, staff and parents
  • Parent Communication (costuming for show, behavior reports/meetings, feedback on camper progress in class, special requests of parents)
  • Work with Performance Director to determine costuming for DJing track members
  • Act as a chaperone for campers on field trips as needed or required by Camp Leadership
  • Accompany campers outside for recess based on assigned schedule
  • Participate in “Picture Day”; assist with track pictures
  • Participate in and assist with Parent-Student Showcase (provide/set-up equipment, provide music experience or assign someone to DJ showcase
  • DJ for the morning of camp and close-out of camp (or assign assistant)
  • Perform and briefly introduce all deliverables of your track at Parent Training before camp begins
  • Assist with morning sign-in and afternoon sign-out as assigned by Camp Leadership
  • Lead and/or participate in morning pick-me up games and exercises as assigned by Camp Leadership
  • Participate in staff orientations/trainings, meetings, rehearsals and ending production
  • Vote for camper awards

Sign completion certificates and special awards for campers

  • Represent the standards of The Yunion while on and off the clock at Keys 2 Life, and on all Social Media platforms during the duration of camp
  • Assist with Crowd Control and Classroom Management
  • Other duties as determined by Camp Leadership (Director or Admin Coordinator)

To apply for this job email your details to