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Workforce Development Program

The Yunion's Workforce Programs & Services is a comprehensive series of workshops, courses, and events that support and provide youth with the necessary skills to succeed and thrive in the workplace. 

The program’s focus is built upon life skills, financial literacy, and career readiness. Completion of the program will equip young people with the skills they need to secure meaningful work opportunities and students will receive a $250 stipend upon program completion.

Services Provided

Youth have the opportunity to participate in one or more programs, and be granted with a $250 stipend for each one they successfully complete!  

Pay-to-Learn Opportunities

Youth will have the opportunity to gain the necessary skills that will prepare them for success in the workforce and beyond.  Our Career Readiness Intensive program will teach skills in workplace etiquette, soft skills, time management, interviewing, and so much more!  Youth will also have the opportunity to attend college fairs and tours throughout the program.

College & Career Readiness

Youth actively enrolled in programming will be placed in a summer job experience.  And we will add an additional $3 to their summer pay, taking them to $15/hour!  

Summer Job Placement

Youth actively enrolled will have access to free in-person or virtual tutoring and academic support through our partnership with SDM2 Education.  Please see Program Descriptions below for more details.  Youth and families will also have access to individual and family counseling with licensed practitioners.

Academic & Counseling Support

Every youth will be assigned a Career Manager that will assist them in fulfilling their professional and academic goals until they graduate from high school (and a year following)!  Career Managers assist with Check & Connect mentoring and support, job and program placements, and providing additional resources that can eliminate barriers for youth success.

Individualized Career Coaching

Talent and corporate tours introduce youth to available career paths by offering a "behind-the-scenes" look into in-demand businesses and industries.  Throughout the program, youth will have the opportunity to visit non-profits organizations, large and small corporations, and entrepreneurs to obtain real-time information regarding employer, education, and training requirements necessary to secure employment.

Career Talent Tours

Program Requirements

Must be enrolled in high school or GED program

Copy of Birth Certificate

Copy of Social Security Card

Copy of School ID

Proof of Income

Most Recent Transcript


Parent ID (Proof of Detroit Residency)

Program Descriptions

Fashion & Entrepreneurship (Spring 2023)

Fashion & Entrepreneurship cohorts for high school students to begin exploring their passions for fashion early. Participants will learn from educated and trained facilitators in the fashion design industry and will receive feedback and mentoring throughout the learning experience. Taught through in-person and video lectures, the course will cover everything from business, market research, history of the industry, and trends to actual design methods and potential careers.


Social Justice (Class is full)

The Detroit Social Justice Initiative will introduce students to the sociological and human rights concepts that are fundamental to understanding social justice. Participants will be exposed to historical and modern day inequalities that call for the social justice movement, learning to view many topics through the lenses of race, class and gender. The cohorts are designed to inspire critical thinking and discussion of democracy, freedom and justice. Students will delve into topics of civil, economic, labor, and human rights while engaging their peers and facilitators from non-profit, social, and civil liberty organizations.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy (Registration now open)

Thursdays, beginning March 23rd, 2023 for 10-weeks 

4:00PM - 5:00PM @ Yunion Office

The contemporary financial literacy series will provide students with practical knowledge, skills-building opportunities, and resources to empower them to better manage their personal finances.


STEM/Drone (Class is Full)

In partnership with Drone, STEM-based sessions expose students to Drone Technology, Coding, and other sophisticated technologies via hands-on, project-based designs dedicated to preparing and exposing participants to in-demand STEM-focused employment opportunities.

Career Readiness Intensive

Saturdays, beginning March 25th, 2023 for 12-weeks

10:00AM - 2:00PM @ Yunion Office

The “Learn to Earn” Career Readiness program will prepare high school age youth for a paid summer work experience $15 /Hour.  Each session will focus on key areas of career preparation such as customer service, time management, workplace etiquette, career exploration, and more!

Art Expressions

Wednesdays , beginning March 22nd for 10-weeks

5:30PM - 7:00PM @ Yunion Office

The Art Expressions program will consist of a series of workshops that allow youth to explore different mediums of art and increase their knowledge and awareness in a therapeutic setting.

Gardening & Horticulture (class is full)

In partnership with the Lawn Academy, the youth, the youth will provide horticulture care for the elderly, disabled, and veteran residents of the city of Detroit.  They will be provided with leadership training, mentoring, Drone technology, and social-emotional learning (SEL).

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Program Sponsors

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