Virtual Enrichment Academy

The Yunion has gone virtual! While we are committed to following the orders set forth by our governor to keep our communities safe, we are even more steadfast in our commitment to stay connected to the youth we serve throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area. We are excited to offer our new Virtual Enrichment Academy programs.



  • WHEN

    July 20th - August 28th

  • AGE

    Youth Ages 10-17


    Completely Virtual


    Completely FREE


    Wayne County Youth who meet eligibility criteria. Begin registering to see if your child qualifies for these exciting programs at no cost!

New! We are in the process of opening our virtual programs to non-Wayne County youth so kids can register worldwide!


While the address has moved to the web, rest assured that each of our virtual programs are still structured with the promise to provide a forever impact into our students' lives. Through great programming, we are excited to offer courses that will challenge your student and create intentional interactions for what is sure to be a summer that they will never forget. To ensure every student is receiving the care that they deserve, all classes are set to a maximum of 25 students per class. Students will also be eligible for exciting incentives every week while enrolled!

02-Saving-Chastity 2020 Virtual Enrichment Academy by The Yunion in Wayne County, Detroit Michigan Healing Girls and Saving Boys Jason Wilson

Saving Chastity

As adults, we know that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Even more so we’ve mastered in most cases an understanding of how our behaviors give us our life outcomes. Saving Chastity is a unique program that allows youth to grasp this lesson through exploration. An interactive curriculum inclusive of a film explores teen life and the outcomes that come from the decisions and choices we make. Six weeks in duration, students will follow a video series of five teenagers as they navigate life. Additionally, there will be guided evidenced-based activities and conversations, to help facilitate best practices and emphasize “how to plan” to make successful decisions.

03-Drone-STEM-Program 2020 Virtual Enrichment Academy by The Yunion in Wayne County, Detroit Michigan Healing Girls and Saving Boys Jason Wilson

Drone Apprenticeship Program

We are taking STEM-based learning into an interactive space with our Drone Apprenticeship Program. This unique program will introduce students to drone and other sophisticated technologies via a virtual platform. Allowing students the opportunity to learn Drone Operation and Use, applicable laws and regulations for Drone use, and to be introduced to various in-demand employment opportunities related to Drone use. Upon completion of this program, youth will be provided with opportunities to obtain certifications via the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and participate in Drone racing competitions when it is safe to do so.

04-ACT-ACT-Prep 2020 Virtual Enrichment Academy by The Yunion in Wayne County, Detroit Michigan Healing Girls and Saving Boys Jason Wilson


The SAT/ACT is one of the single most influential elements in the college application process. Prepare the high school student in your life for the road to college application season by registering them for our SAT/ACT Prep Sessions. Our courses are online group sessions led by certified teachers. Students will learn test-taking strategy while also divulging in practice tests modeled after both standardized tests.

05-FIRE-Entrepreneurship 2020 Virtual Enrichment Academy by The Yunion in Wayne County, Detroit Michigan Healing Girls and Saving Boys Jason Wilson

F.I.R.E. Entrepreneurship

Social Media is the future. Whether we admit it or not, it has influential roots in our conversations, what we consume, and the lives that we lead. Our children are engaging via social media at a pace that we have never seen before and as time progresses we find the connections seem to only grow with intensity. F.I.R.E. (Future Influencers Reaching for Excellence) is our social media influencer entrepreneurship program. Together with our youth, we show how social media footprints can be used for both the good of others and in entrepreneurial endeavors. Students enrolled in this program will learn monetizing strategies that will result in dividends in both social and economic currencies.

06A-Art-Expression-Program 2020 Virtual Enrichment Academy by The Yunion in Wayne County, Detroit Michigan Healing Girls and Saving Boys Jason Wilson


Art has been proven as a valuable outlet of expression for children. In instances where children are given the opportunity to express themselves through artistic mediums, positive gains have been shown in their social, emotional, and cognitive development. Knowing such we have created our Art Expression Virtual Academy. This Academy will present to the students a series of culturally relevant and socially impactful topics/prompts in which students will be asked to respond to utilizing various forms of Art to express emotional, social, and physical responses.


W.R.A.P. University

Today’s youth pride themselves on creating TikTok Challenges, learning the newest dance moves, and live social media video creations. With music streaming being in the millions by the minute its safe to safe that music is their safe space. Through it, they have learned to communicate with each other, find emotional refuge, and of course, have fun. The Yunion understands what a necessity music is to youth. Knowing such we have created W.R.A.P University. A unique program that infuses hip hop elements in the instruction of Writing, Reading, and Arithmetic to ensure the enrichment and proficiency of students in core subjects. Students will find carefully curated sessions that use music’s most thought-provoking genre to teach subject matter essential to student learning and success in the most valued subjects Language Arts and Mathematics.


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