Virtual S.W.A.G.

Program Description

The Yunion’s (pronounced union) S.W.A.G. is a life skills and prevention program is designed to promote the practice of abstinence as an ideal lifestyle for Detroit area youth.  An acronym for Students With Awareness and Goals; it empowers youth to foster sustainable, healthy relationships while also reducing risks associated with premature sexual activity (i.e, drugs, alcohol, STDs, unwanted pregnancy).  


Some of the program objectives are: Teach participants relationship skills, resiliency, communication skills, how to resist peer pressure, to examine the role of self-esteem in decision making, goal setting, healthy dating strategies, leadership development, while also encouraging sexually active teens to return to a healthy abstinence lifestyle.


Virtual Approach

To reach the above-mentioned objectives, S.W.A.G. will implement “Choosing The Best”, an acclaimed, intensive 12-week abstinence-training curriculum via weekly, two 90-minute interactive sessions.  This will include things such as:


  • Open Group Discussions with facilitators and peers within the same age group
  • Interactive Virtual Presentations
  • Program Completion with an included Incentive 


FREE $50 Kroger or Walmart Gift Card  for PARENTS and WalMart or  🎮Virtual Video Game Card for STUDENTS!

 MUST complete the 12 week cycle in order to receive incentives


S.W.A.G. will be staffed with two full-time Prevention Specialists (1 Male and 1 Female).  The Prevention Specialists are specially trained in abstinence only education and facilitation skills for youth and young adults. 


Target Audience

Upper Elementary through High School aged youth (Grades 5th-12th grade)


Offices are Closed due to COVID-19  Email Us for Inquiries Email Program Coordinators:  

Dhenderson@TheYunion.org or RLeeJr@TheYunion.org 


Visit us on the web at: theyunion.org