The Yunion's School Time
Virtual Enrichment Programming

While the address has moved to the web, rest assured that each of our School Time programs are still structured to provide a forever impact into our students' lives. 

Program Descriptions


S.W.A.G. (Students with Awareness and Goals)

The Yunion’s S.W.A.G. is a holistic prevention program offered primarily to middle school students but available to high school students as well. As an acronym for Students With Awareness and Goals, the aim is to equip and empower youth to make healthy life choices that will enable them to confidently navigate through obstacles and challenges.

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Keys 2 Life 2020

Keys to Life Mentoring through Music

Keys 2 Life is an evidence-based life skills and music-mentoring program; designed to encourage, educate, and empower youth through key principles in life and in music. We are able to accomplish this mission through relevant principle-driven music lessons, engaging discussions, introspective journaling, and individual monitoring.

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SIG Standing in the Gap Program

S.I.G. (Standing in the Gap)

Standing In The Gap is a 6-week program designed to encourage young women to discover the beauty of their purpose and celebrate the uniqueness of their identity. Standing in the Gap (S.I.G.) is a culturally relevant and unique approach to providing African American women and girls programming related to Life Skills and Prevention.

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STEM/Drone School Based Program

We are taking STEM-based learning into an interactive space with our Drone Apprenticeship Program. This unique program will introduce students to drone and other sophisticated technologies via a virtual platform. Allowing students the opportunity to learn Drone Operation and Use, applicable laws and regulations for Drone use, and to be introduced to various in-demand employment opportunities related to Drone use.

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Workforce Development

Through our partnerships, we offer an evidenced based life skills curriculum, skills-trade training, financial literacy, STEM
Drone classes, career coaching, case management, academic tutoring, SAT/ACT tutoring, college preparation facilitation, and trainings for parents. Each designed to encourage, educate and empower youth to achieve not only a high school diploma but to give students more options post-graduation.

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program 03

Tutoring/Homework Assistance

Tutoring/Homework Assistance sessions will include remediation, test-taking skills enhancement, and homework assistance in areas of math and reading comprehension.

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Individual and/or Family Counseling

We provide Individual Counseling to adolescents who are attempting to cope with a wide spectrum of life problems such as interpersonal difficulties, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and more. We also offer Family Counseling in conjunction with our child and adolescent counseling.


Parental Advisory Parent Workshop

Our Parental Advisory Training is a 90-minute interactive, multi-media session that exposes the negative effect that the mass media is having on our children. Through powerful imagery, video, and engaging discussions, we address the root cause of adolescent risk behaviors such as substance abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, fatherlessness, bullying, and underage drinking.

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