The Keys 2 Life Performing Arts Camp is focused on the development of the whole child. The sessions take a multi-faceted approach to include music and artistic development as well as youth development.

  • Acting

    Now, more than ever, we are seeing the power of community. We will use video content in our acting track to explore acting techniques. We aim to enhance self expression in our students who will claim great freedom and confidence. We will learn to be spontaneous and truly responsive, work together with other actors, gain and embrace the ability to be uncomplicated, authentic and different!

  • Beat Making

    Our students will get an introduction to the programs GarageBand and Ableton. Our students will learn how to sequence music and how to utilize time signatures and tempos to express feelings and emotions through music. We will also explore the roles of various instruments and chord structure. The goal is for every student to be able to create a story through music.

  • Song Writing

    We aim to encourage our young students to showcase and embrace their own talents through singing, reciting poetry, or rapping. We will introduce the proper techniques of singing/rapping performance and songwriting to produce our final show and cultivate taking pride in performance and productivity.

  • Dance

    Our curriculum features original choreography designed to ignite creativity and expression in every student. From fun combinations to challenging fitness routines and intense stretches, we aim to nurture personal strengths and interests in each dancer. With a focus on developing muscle memory through dynamic movement, facial expressions, textures, and dynamics, our students will shine on stage and beyond.