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Sticks and Stones

February 8, 2021

Yesterday we had an Amazing Cast and Crew meeting with the team from the new movie The Yunion is producing called “Sticks and Stones”. We are excited to have such a group of dynamic actors and crew members. Stay tuned, much more to come. Let’s…

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A Path for Success

February 4, 2021

Here is a great article about the great work we are doing in the Metro Detroit Area. It also highlights our partner with Wayne State University’s School of Social Work.…/a-path-for-success…    

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The Service for Youth and Families Part 2

February 3, 2021

Let’s try this again. Do you know any youth and or families in need of additional support in the Metro Detroit area or Wayne County.

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The Service for Youth and Families

February 3, 2021

The Yunion has programs to service youth and families in the Metro Detroit area.

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First Day Back In A Face 2 Face and Virtual Class

February 3, 2021

Yesterday was our first day back in a Face 2 Face space since March 5th, 2020. We had a hybrid session, 4 students in person and about 15 students virtually. Our Life Guides (JayPittsNeriah Reign) did a great job and the students really had a…

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The Yunion Charitable Foundation

February 1, 2021

We can’t do the work without your support! The Yunion would like to thank the Comerica Charitable Foundation for selecting us as grant recipients its’ fourth grant season of 2020. Their support will help us in continuing the work of the CATTA, training young boys…

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National Story About Self-harm And Online Suicide Games.

January 27, 2021

Southfield Public Schools sent out an email to warn its 5,600 families after the district was contacted by concerned parents who heard a national story about self-harm and online suicide games.

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Parenting During The Pandemic Is Challenging

January 26, 2021

Parents, we know parenting during the pandemic is challenging. Our CEO (Jason Wilson) and Executive Director (Nicole Wilson) learned it’s better to do a little extra during this season to help their son decompress so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed with stress. By giving your child…

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Thrive In A Distant Learning

January 25, 2021

One of our program (CATTA) participants Jason W. made the honor roll this past card marking. Parents, it’s possible for your child to thrive in a distant learning environment if you and your child are initial about the results you want and consistently doing the…

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Tips For Your Weekends

January 22, 2021

Checking in with Parents to see how your week has good and see what plans you have for the weekend.

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The Yunion Growth

January 21, 2021

#tbt #tbthursday A year ago today we officially moved into our new building. Since then a lot has happened but we are still grateful for all the love and support we’ve received through the years. Hopefully, we’ll be back working from the building soon and…

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Ways To Build Your Self-Esteem

January 20, 2021

Parents: Self-Esteem or self-worth is more than how you feel about yourself. It’s also about how capable you are to meet life’s challenges and feel worthy of happiness. You can build self-esteem in your child/teen by developing three “A’s”. Affirmation, Achievement, and Affirmation. Affirmation: Being…

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Our Children Need Our Presence

January 18, 2021

“Our children need our presence, not our presents.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parents Happy MLK Day. We hope you are able to rest and enjoy your family today. As we reflect on the life and legacy of Dr. King, remember all he did he…

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Virtual Enrichment Academy

January 15, 2021

Parents, we are halfway through the 1st month of the year 2021. Here are a few things we are looking forward to as an organization. Spending more time with our family and loved ones is priority number one on our list. As we work towards…

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The Big Impact as Parent

January 13, 2021

Parents are the biggest influence in a teen’s life. Even though you may feel your child pulling away, eager for more independence, deep down they still want you involved. A strong bond with your child, especially during the teen years, helps reduce the chances of…

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Distant Learning for your Child

January 11, 2021
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