Parental Advisory Training

Our Parental Advisory Training is a 90-minute interactive, multi-media session that exposes the negative effect that the mass media is having on our children. Through powerful imagery, video, and engaging discussions, we address the root cause of adolescent risk behaviors such as substance abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, fatherlessness, bullying, and underage drinking. Many people fail to understand the significant role music, movies, and the mass media plays on the psyche of young minds. By design, the catchy lyrics, catch phrases, and subliminal images enter our children’s subconscious, and before they know it, they’re walking around participating in unhealthy and potentially dangerous behavior. Parents, teachers, youth workers, and community leaders leave this training encouraged and equipped with the tools needed to not only effectively communicate with their children, but also counter the potentially deadly influence that music, movies, mainstream and social media has on our children.

Anticipated Results

  • Participants will have a better understanding of the Hip Hop and music entertainment culture
  • Participants will learn the purpose of subliminal messages/advertising and how it negatively effects their children
  • Participants will learn how to monitor their children on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Participants will learn how to effectively fight against the “power” of radio and media
  • Participants will know what to look and listen for in Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop music and videos
  • Participants will gain the information & confidence needed to wisely relate to their children
  • Participants will gain the information & confidence needed to engage their children in critical thinking conversations
  • Participants will gain the information and confidence needed to reduce the risks of their children participating in premature sexual activity and/or contracting an STD.