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Quick Start, Not Quick Finish

This morning at the gym I planned to do my typical 10 minute mile of cardio on the Elliptical machine, but as soon as I started moving, the Lord says, “Today I want you to do cardio until the timer stops.” I was hoping the timer was automatically set for 30 minutes, but it wasn’t. 59:23 minutes was remaining. I never did a straight hour of cardio because it always countered my goal of maintaining muscularity. As I watched my sweat drip on the Quick Start button, the Lord said, “Salvation is a quick start, but the journey will not be a quick finish… Keep moving.”

As I approached the 10:00 minute mark, I had to subdue my soul’s desire to get off of the elliptical and lift weights. When I passed the 10:00 minute mark, the Lord said, “Strength is meaningless without endurance… Keep moving.”  As I approached the 34:00 minute mark, my wife walks over and says she was leaving because her workout was over. I wanted to go with her, but the Lord said, “Stay and keep moving. Your wife leaving represents your greatest weakness for looking at the path others take, instead of staying focused on the path I called you to. Yes your mission is much more demanding, but isn’t it I that called you to it? Is it not I that will get you through it? Say bye to her, she’s finished, but you’re not, so keep moving!”

Quick Start-WeightsAs I approached the 42:00 minute mark, the LORD asks, “How are you not tired? How are you making it through an hour of cardio, at a 10:00 minute mile pace and you haven’t workout in weeks?” I realized it was worship! I had playing on repeat in my headphones the song “Yes” by Kevin Stewart. The worship took the focus off of my fatigue and placed my focus on Him.

The Lord then asked, “Is it not I, that called you out of darkness when those you place above Me said absolutely nothing when you walked in it? Is it not I, that can only love you unconditionally?” I answered, “Yes Lord.”  Then He asked, ”Well why do you willingly give to them, and give into your flesh, but hold back all that I’ve placed in you for My glory?” I replied, “Lord I fear releasing the power You placed in me. Who am I to lead Your people, for I am so flawed?”  As I approached the 52:00 minute mark, the Lord said, “It’s not you leading them my son, it’s Me. Just as I told my prophet Samuel, if My people reject you, know that it’s not you they reject, but Me.”

When the last second ticked off, I grabbed my glasses to step off of the Elliptical but then the timer displayed, “5:00 minute cool down period.” Then the Lord spoke again, “Jason this represents when you have to keep moving during the times you want to jump off the path and lay down your cross. Pace yourself.” In the midst of His words, I heard the voice and words that my father told me before he passed in 2007, “Jason if you try to keep up with this world, you will not make it, pace yourself and you will finish.” I was so thankful that my face was drenched with sweat because mixed in were many tears.

When I exited the elliptical, I grabbed my amino drink but wasn’t going to drink any because I thought I needed to tough it out and press through my fatigue. The Lord compassionately says, “Be on guard to pride and do not be foolish or you will die before your time (Ecc 7:17). My son, do not become so spiritual that I can’t use you on earth. Replenish. You are just a man. Stop performing for Me, I am pleased with you. Replenish your body, My Holy Spirit will restore your soul and I will rejuvenate your spirit.” 

I pray this resonates with someone besides myself and encourages you to not step off the path because the finish line is not approaching as quick as you thought.

Shalom Aleichem,
Jason Wilson
The Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy

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