Darell Campbell

Key 2 Life Program Director

Driven by the desire to use music as a powerful tool for community enrichment, Darell is a dedicated musician, educator, and ordained minister. With a solid educational foundation that includes Cass Technical High School, the University of Phoenix, and ongoing studies at Wayne State University, Darell has honed musical proficiency as a classically trained bassist, pianist, percussionist, and songwriter, among other talents. As a musical director, band leader, and recording engineer, he showcased his skills in various capacities, including serving as a Touring/Recording musician and Director of Creative Jazz Ensemble for the Detroit Symphony Civic Orchestra. Additionally, Darell has made a significant impact as a fine arts instructor, K-8 music teacher, and mentor through programs like Progression Arts and Big Brother Big Sister. Darell’’s ability to plan and preside over classes and performances, write, compose, and produce music across diverse genres, and foster positive relationships across age groups underscores their natural leadership and unwavering commitment to the power of music as a unifying force in communities.