What is the Cave of Adullam?

Historically & Today


Historically the Cave of Adullam is the place where David spent the majority of his time hiding from King Saul (1 Sam 22:1).  The Bible says that 400 men gathered unto David that were distressed, in debt and discontented; and David became their leader. When these men finally exited the Cave of Adullam, they were referred to as “David’s Mighty Men of Valor” and together they fought to establish and stabilize Israel.


Today, the Cave of Adullam is a Transformational Training Academy (CATTA) based in Detroit Michigan where boys who are emotionally distressed, mentally discontented and spiritually in debt, gather here to be trained and transformed into comprehensive men of the Most High. We are able to accomplish this mission through our Emotional Stability Training® (EST).

EST exposes the root of unresolved anger, anxieties, lack of focus and fears, while teaching our students how to introspectively confront and conquer negative emotions with composure.  EST’s focus is to wean the soul (i.e. the emotional seat of man) so that the spirit of a man can move freely and rule the responses of the soul.  Instead of a belt ranking system, we evaluate each student by the way they live their lives in school, at home and in their communities. We place a strong emphasis on biblical brotherhood, where each recruit is more concerned about sharpening each other (Pro 27:17), instead of surpassing each other. As a result:

78% of our students improve their grade point average one letter grade without tutoring.

98% of parents report their sons have grown spiritually and became more emotionally stable since becoming a recruit in the CATTA.

100% of our students who were victims of physical bullying are no longer bullied and have not compromised their kind spirit.

56% of parents report a decrease in school suspensions and an increase in their sons making more advantageous decisions.

Anticipated Results:

• Greater appreciation for the Bible – 2 Timothy 3:16-17
• Improved mental focus and emotional stability – 1 Peter 1:13
• Improved academic performance – 1 Corinthians 10:31
• Reduction/Elimination of Detentions/Suspensions – Titus 2:6
• Social behavior improvement with parents, teachers and classmates – Galatians 5:22
• Ability to resolve conflict – Proverbs 15:1
• The confidence to walk away from a fight (if possible) – Romans 12:17-18
• Greater Sense of Individual purpose & community responsibility – Psalm 82:3-5
• Improved physical fitness and endurance – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
• Ability to make sound decisions regarding friendships and peer pressure – 1 Corinthians 15:33