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We do not use a belt ranking system to monitor our student’s progress because The CATTA is not a martial arts school or gym, but a male transformational training academy that uses martial arts as just one of its training modules. In other words, if our Gi’s (uniforms) were white, we’d all wear white belts. We place a strong emphasis on biblical warrior-hood; where each student focuses on sharpening each other, not surpassing each other in training (Pro 27:17). We do not desire to create “black belts”, but warriors of the Most High who will stand bold against every form of evil. Comprehensive men who will fight mentally and spiritually, and if necessary physically, to lead their families and communities from generation to generation. 

Yes. Historically, Israel has always been a nation under attack. Many people do not know that the Israelites possess a mighty warrior tradition that has been kept and developed over thousands of years and still is taught and practiced today. It’s called Abir.  Abir is the fighting system of the people of Israel, it is written to have began with the three patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It was during this period in history that Hebrew Abir warriors (or “Habiru”) entered the land of Cana’an and subsequently moved southwest into Egypt with the journey of Jacob and his family (Genesis 46).  Over several hundred years, Abir was developed in Kemet (ancient Egypt) Africa where the combative art form Montu was already established.  Abir was finally brought back into the land of Canaan which was conquered by the Israelites, and the land was called Israel.  Similar to the Cave of Adullam, Abir provides a deep, spiritual expression of faith and commitment to the God of Israel through martial arts training.

Biblically from Abram to Moses to David, men were trained from father to son in the art of war (i.e. martial arts).  In Genesis 14:14 we read that when Abram heard that Lot was taken captive, he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, to go rescue him.  In Exodus 15:3, Moses calls Yahuah a “Warrior God”.  Many to this day still ineptly say that God would never use martial arts to train young Christian men because of it’s pagan roots. If this was biblically accurate, Yahuah would not have orchestrated Moses being discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter, and then raised and trained in the systems of the Egyptians.  One of which was martial arts.  This explains how Moses alone was able to stand up and rescue Jetho’s daughters from the hands of many evil shepherds (Exodus 2:17).  Martial arts did not originate in Asia, but in Africa and India as fighting systems. Asia took what they learned from Africa and India, and created martial arts for their culture.  It’s true that many Asian martial arts are rooted in Buddhism, QI (KI energy power) and cosmic Yin and Yang; but the Cave of Adullam only teaches the principles of Yah through His word and combative training, like He taught David and the other servants of Israel (Genesis 14:14, 49:24, 2 Samuel 22:35, Psalm 18:34, 144:1).

As mentioned above, we evaluate each student/disciple by the way they live their lives outside the Cave of Adullam.  Anticipated results include but not limited to:

  • A  greater appreciation and knowledge of the Bible
  • A desire for prayer and biblical meditation
  • Improved academic performance and a reduction/elimination of detentions/suspensions
  • The confidence to walk away from a fight (if possible) and the skill to defend themselves (if needed)
  • Improved physical fitness and endurance
  • Improved social behavior with parents, teachers and classmates
  • The ability to make sound decisions regarding friendships and peer pressure
  • A greater sense of individual purpose and community responsibility

Our Emotional Stability Training® is 40% martial arts—a combination of Jiujitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Kempo, Boxing, and Shebet Tsaba (Stick Fighting). 

The CATTA is not a martial arts school or gym, but a comprehensive physical, mental and emotional stability training system. To ensure that each student remains focused during each training, we do not allow unannounced visits. We do allow potential students and their parents/guardians one visit once they have attended a new student orientation. If you’re interested in your son joining The CATTA, please complete our online application HERE.

No. Our purpose is to teach, train, and transform uninitiated boys into comprehensive men of the Most High. If we allowed our recruits to compete, we would have to shift the focus of our classes from comprehensive (spiritual, mental, sociological, and physical)—to only physical. This would derail us from our mission. Although there’s a great value in training in martial arts, it’s only 50% of our Emotional Stability Training®. We do not want our students to be preoccupied with accumulating championship trophies or awards—but focused solely on learning how to fight the good fight, spiritually, mentally, sociologically and physically—in order to obtain the eternal reward (James 1:12).

We use the name Yah, Yahuah, and Yahushua, because these are the actual Hebrew names for the Most High. Most English-speaking Bibles contain the following titles/translations when referring to the Heavenly Father and His Son: God, the Lord, the Lord God, Jehovah, and Jesus. However, these names and titles do not accurately preserve the correct pronunciation or meaning of their names. 

The name “Yah” is short for “Yahuah.” Whenever you hear someone say, “Hallelujah” (which means Praise Yah), this shortened version “Yah” is actually in use. Psalm 150:1 is one of many examples. 

“Yahuah,” is the proper pronunciation for the abbreviation YHWH/YHVH. Yahweh is a popular pronunciation as well. Whether Yahuah, Yahweh, or any other similar words, the Lord is not His Name, but only one of His titles. Yahuah means “the existing One.” You may reference Genesis 2:4, and many more for examples of this. 

Although “Jesus” is the name found in most English bibles, worship songs, and heard in most churches, it is not the Hebrew name for the Messiah/Christ. Yahushua, is His name. You may also see or hear Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yahshua, Yahusha, etc. The name “Jesus” has no Hebrew meaning, because it is not a Hebrew name. The name Yahushua means “Yahuah saves or Yahuah is salvation.” Matthew 1:21 informs us that the Messiah was given a name— research shows us that His name was the same name as “Joshua” the assistant to Moses found in Exodus 17:9. 

It is important to note that although the CATTA uses Yah, Yahuah, and Yahushua when referring to the Most High, we do not condemn or belittle anyone who uses the other names commonly found in most English bibles. Ultimately, since Yahuah looks at the heart of His children (1 Samuel 16:7), it is possible for a person’s heart to be right with Yah, even while using names and titles that are inaccurate to the origins of the Hebrew language.