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Shärath Chris Norris

Meet Shärath Nagiyd

Shärath Nägyid (Servant Leader) Chris Norris spent all of his childhood and teenage life in Detroit’s Brightmoor community. As challenging as it is for many African American boys in urban neighborhoods, Chris avoided jail, gangs, and excessive substance abuse, just to name a few. Even though he was raised in a home with married Christian parents, he still struggled greatly with unresolved anger and discipline. In 2012, he successfully completed the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy’s rite of passage at Rosedale Park Baptist Church in Detroit Michigan, it changed his life. The training fed an appetite for God’s word and spiritual growth, along with understanding on how to positively channel the physical power God has given him. 

After graduating high school, he truly believed that it was God’s calling to further train and assist Shärath Wilson in the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy. What intrigues Chris the most about the “Cave” is its ability to successfully transform the lives of brokenhearted boys scarred by drastic experiences. He has witnessed first-hand young boys who have overcome bullying, deep father wounds, ADHD symptoms, and being suicidal. He is convinced that it is truly an audacious program that builds positive camaraderie and character among the students who would not usually experience such in their individual communities.

Experience & Training

After his rite of passage training in 2012, Chris committed to learning and training under Shārath Wilson. After graduating high school, he joined the CATTA’s staff as an intern assistant to Mr Wilson. Chris later completed his Associates of Arts degree at Grace College & Theological Seminary and now serves as the CATTA’s full-time recruit leader and training assistant. He has completed an Associates of Arts degree at Grace College & Theological Seminary. After much prayer and contemplation, Chris decided to focus his time and energy solely on teaching, training and transforming Training in the CATTA. Chris currently serves as the leader and spiritual big brother to the CATTA recruits.