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Shärath Chris Norris

Meet Shärath Nagiyd

Chris Norris, also known as Shärath Nagiyd, is the assistant instructor at the CATTA. He began assisting Shärath Wilson in 2012, after completing his rite of passage as a student of the CATTA. Chris had the desire, talent, and potential to play D1 college football and run track, but toward the end of his senior year in high school, things took a turn. On the surface, the opportunities he had to play collegiate sports were slipping away, but underneath the surface— the Most High was closing doors to prevent him from perishing.

Going into the summer after graduation, Chris panicked not knowing where he would attend college or play sports. He spent weeks fervently praying for Yah’s guidance. Prayer is what broke his idolatry for sports and he was finally willing to surrender his life to serving Yah. Prayer is what led Chris to walk through an open door. That open door was to assist Jason with teaching, training, and transforming uninitiated boys into comprehensive men.

After Chris completed his rite of passage, he began assisting Shärath Wilson and received the title Nagiyd, which means leader. In 2019, he was promoted and given a new title, Shärath. These titles together, Shärath Nagiyd, mean servant leader. It connotes that Chris leads by sacrificially serving Yah in his personal life as well as training up the students here at the CATTA.

Experience & Training

Chris has trained under and assisted Shärath Wilson for a decade. His martial arts experience consists of Kempo, Aikibujutsu, Jiujitsu, Judo, Kempo, and Boxing. Chris also received training in restorative practices, coupled with understanding and identifying trauma. He has found this to be extremely helpful when serving the students at the CATTA because each of them have experienced one or more traumatic events in their life. He recognizes that trauma cannot be ignored because it becomes the very root of a students’ behavior patterns and mindset.