The Cave of Adullam 

The Cave of Adullam is a Transformational Training Academy is based in Detroit Michigan. Our mission is to create a generation of men who are physically conscious, mentally astute and spiritually strong enough to navigate through the pressures of this world without succumbing to their negative emotions. We are able to accomplish this mission through our comprehensive physical, mental and emotional stability training system Musar Rū. Which translates discipline of the Spirit. Through Mūsar Rū, boys and young men are introduced to the root of their unresolved anger, anxieties, lack of focus and fears, while being taught how to introspectively confront and conquer them with composure. We evaluate each student’s personal growth through individual, school and home monitoring, so that all areas of their lives are enriched emotionally, socially, mentally, academically and physically. Students who commit to this system and were consistent in attendance showed significant changes that were sustainable. In a 2009 16-week module, 80% of the recruits improved their school based behavioral honor level from three to one (three being the lowest, one being the highest). In a 2011 COATTA 16-week module, 73% of the recruits increased their grade point average by a full letter grade. Our target group is 6-9th grade students. To learn more, please visit the CATTA’s website by clicking HERE.

Background and Experience

Jason Wilson, founder and CEO of the faith-based youth serving organization The Yunion, serves as the lead instructor of the Cave of Adullam Transformation Training Academy (COATTA). Wilson founded the COATTA in 2007 after realizing that when young men are tested in key life/biblical principles, and are challenged through their emotions to apply them physically, the results are internalized. Wilson has  trained in martial arts for over 22 years, and has labored with over 3-dozen schools, churches and youth serving organizations in Metro Detroit, giving youth hope and empowering them to take charge of their future. He is an ordained minster at Rosedale Park Baptist Church, and continues to diligently study and create innovative training techniques to help boys and young men in the COATTA.

Anticipated Results

  • Improved academic performance
  • Detentions/Suspensions reduced and/or eliminated
  • Improved relationship and social/emotional behavior with parents, teachers and classmates
  • Ability to resolve conflict
  • The confidence to walk away from a fight (if possible)
  • Greater Sense of Individual purpose & community responsibility
  • Increased physical fitness and endurance

History & Mission Video