The Impact is Almost Immediate!

Anticipated Results include a greater appreciation for the Bible (2 Tim 3:16-17),  improved mental focus and emotional stability (1 Peter 1:13), improved academic performance (1 Corin 10:31), reduction/elimination of detentions/suspensions (Titus 2:6), social behavior improvement with parents, teachers and classmates (Gal 5:22), ability to resolve conflict (Proverbs 15:1), confidence to walk away from a fight when possible (Rom 12:17-18), greater sense of individual purpose & community responsibility (Ps 82:3-5), improved physical fitness and endurance (1 Corin :19-20), ability to make sound decisions regarding friendships and peer pressure (1 Corin 15:33).


The Cave of Adullam appreciates word of mouth referrals!  For each student who is referred to the Cave of Adullam and pays for at least one month of training, a $10 credit will be given to the referring family for their next month’s tuition.

Family Discount

Families who enroll two or more siblings will receive a 15% discount on monthly tuition.

Current Cave Parents

If your son is already enrolled in the CATTA program, click here to make tuition payments.

CATTA Parents who say their Son(s)...

Improve GPA80%
increase emotional stability98%
grow spiritually98%
eliminate being bullied and retain kind spirit100%
decrease in school suspensions100%